Home Schooling Provision

With more families choosing to home school in recent times, Aspire Tuition can help support families. With our years of teaching experience and wide range of resources, our direct tuition in the core subjects of English, Maths and Science can help children realise their potential.

Many children and young people not in school have experienced difficulties in the school system through friendship issues, bullying, difficulties in coping with the work set etc – we work to rebuild their confidence in learning and the trust in adults that want to help them. 

Study can be at the level of the school year of the child or at the level most suited. Areas of study will be negotiated between the parent, child and tutor at the start of a block of a tuition and at regular points.

Girl smiling as she works on her laptop during a tuition session

Sessions take place during the day and follow up tasks are provided to enable the child to continue with relevant learning during the week. Feedback will be given on a regular basis which can be used as evidence to demonstrate education covered. Although home schooling with Aspire Tuition usually is on a 1-1 format, small groups of students of similar ages and interests can work together, and programmes can be formulated specifically.

We can give advice on entrance into external examinations and help with the study towards these.