At the end of Year 10, Molly, a former student at Aspire Tuition whilst at primary school, realised that all was not going well for her in her Key Stage 4 mathematics. Realising just how important a good grade at maths GCSE was for her future career aims, Molly approached her parents for some extra help. 

Her free initial assessment at Aspire Tuition showed that Molly urgently needed extra coaching in some vital area of mathematics to allow her to make the progress and achieve the grade she desired. 

Since enrolment in July 2015, Molly has fully embraced the opportunity for extra help and has attended Aspire each Wednesday evening ready to work hard and ask as many questions as necessary to ensure she fully understands each mathematical concept that causes her problems.  

Molly's drive and determination to succeed has seen her confidence and abilities in maths grow and grow each week to the extent that she has recently achieved a fanatastic 'solid C' in her 'higher tier' GCSE Mock exam at KIngsdown School. Well done Molly!