Key-stage-1-2 testimonials

Oliver KS2

After a few weeks of you being shut at the start of lockdown, Ollie started to ask if he would ever come to Aspire again. He was so pleased to see you over Zoom. Although he hates writing at school, he is more than happy to work for you and it is great to hear him laughing and coming out with ideas when working online with you. Thank you for being one of the few people to get the best out of him.

Elsie KS2

Thank you Andrea, Elsie had a big smile on her face after she finished her session with you which only confirms to Martene and I that we have made the right decision in engaging with you. 

Ada KS2

Thanks so much for this morning. When my husband got home and asked Ada how it went she told him it was great (with a big smile on her face), so I’m really pleased she’s feeling so positive about it!

Jessica Year 4

It was lovely hearing Jess work with you again this morning. She’s really enjoying her sessions with you, which I’m sure will make a big difference.

Year 6 student KS2

Amber had her school report this week and it confirmed she is working at an excellent level for maths. But more important Amber enjoys her sessions and learns without feeling like it’s a “chore”. I think the one to one online really suits her learning style 

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Excellent Maths Progress for Molly

Molly, a former student at Aspire Tuition whilst at primary school, realised that all was not going well for her in her Key Stage 4 mathematics. Realising just how important a good grade at maths GCSE was for her future career aims, Molly approached her parents for some extra help. 

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