Specific-learning-difficulties testimonials

Ethan SpLD

We were so pleased to find Andrea, through a friend’s recommendation. We were despairing about what to do with our son. The school said that there was nothing wrong with him but we knew that he was finding the work really difficult. Each day he would come out of school and have melt downs at home. He always took out his frustrations from school on us and his younger sister. Although we booked Ethan in for help with his reading and spelling, we received so much more. Andrea very soon recognised that he likely had dyslexia, which was a huge relief to us as we had suspected this for years. She talked to us about different methods to help him with his school spellings etc so that we no longer had the weekly battle and then upset, related to the class test. Andrea enabled us all to recognise the strengths of Ethan, rather than just focussing on his difficulties. She also carried out some assessments that showed that his memory was very poor. We were able to show her report to the school and they did begin to support him with the recommendations Andrea gave. 

We highly recommend Aspire Tuition due to the professional service but particularly because Andrea always went the extra mile for our son.

Year 5 student with literacy difficulties

Thanks Andrea. She went straight on after her session with you and made a word search with this week’s school spellings as well. She’s apparently told her teacher all about it today and her teacher has asked her to email it to the school.

We’ve seen such a difference in her since the summer. She seems so much more confident and, as you said, is now so much more willing to give things a go! She absolutely loves her sessions with you and always comes away feeling so positive and encouraged. We can’t help but recommend you!

Thank you for everything you’re doing to help her!