Why choose Aspire

Aspire Tuition

Helping your child unlock their potential is our priority.

At Aspire, we provide individually tailored tuition to suit your child’s requirements and aim to provide a pathway to success.

Our fully qualified teaching staff tutor children from primary age, usually starting when the child is around seven years old, to A-Level students from our dedicated teaching centre in West Swindon.

Tuition sessions at Aspire are 80 minutes long. Each session will include a variety of different activities and ways of learning so each child gets the most out of each session.

Before each session, we speak to you and your child to find out what they have been learning in class and where they are struggling. Our session will then focus on what they’re finding difficult. Sometimes, children will bring in work they have been set in school and we will go over it together to make sure they understand it fully.

We normally tutor in groups of four students to one qualified teacher. We’ve found this provides our students with sufficient teacher time and also gives them the opportunity to work on tasks independently, challenge themselves and make mistakes – all crucial to successful learning. Students all have their own individual programme specific to their needs, just as they would in a one-to-one situation.

Helping acheive potential

Learning programmes tailored to your child’s needs

We tailor programmes for every individual according to the pace they best learn at and what they want to achieve.

Time to focus on your child

We have the time – the time to listen to the student, to talk through concerns, to answer questions, to repeat things as many times as necessary.

A calm, focussed learning environment

We have no behaviour problems – we do have a ratio of approx 4 students to 1 teacher but we do not allow any student to dominate teacher time or to disturb others working.

Relaxed and respectful relationships

We have a relaxed, informal atmosphere – although our teachers expect respect from the students we want students to relate well to their tutor. All tutors are known by first name terms by students and are keen to get to know each student they tutor.

The right environment

We have a purpose-built tuition centre that does not look like a classroom. Our centre has a smart, modern look with up-to-date equipment and high quality resources.

Encouragement to succeed

Homework is not compulsory. Each week we set homework for each student to reinforce or to extend on from the session. Although we encourage students to complete homework we do not punish students if they do not. We encourage the students to see that the more effort they put in the more they will get out of the tuition. We ask that homework is completed without parental help so that so that we are able to see what the student can achieve independently.

Praise and reward

We are continually rewarding students for small achievements, using our structured reward systems leading to the award of medals and trophies for learning times tables etc.