11+ preparation

Some parents are keen for their child to attend a selective school, most commonly a grammar school. Being selective, potential students have to sit an admission test. With limited places available in these schools, only the most able pupils will pass.

Some people have the view that a child should not be tutored for what should essentially be a test of intelligence. 

However many are in agreement thatit is necessary for the child to get considerable practise at completing the types of questions that will form the tests to be sat within the admission selection process. 

With a proud record of all previous students achieving a place at their first preference school, Aspire Tuition is well placed to help give confidence and expertise to students sitting 11+ exams. 

We have the materials and experience to tutor students in the main tests of verbal and non-verbal reasoning, grammar, comprehension and mathematics and any other areas that may be required within the admission requirements of a particular school.

11+ preparation