Alternative Outreach Provision

There are occasions when a child / young person is unable to attend school whilst still being registered as part of the local authority education system. This is frequently due to difficulties in coping within a mainstream school due to particular special educational needs and issues – cognitive, social, emotional, physical or sensory needs or because of a medical issue. It may be that there is an interruption to access to schooling whilst waiting on an alternative, perhaps specialist, placement. 

We have experience of working with a wide variety of needs and ages of students in this position. This work often takes place in the child’s home, online or in our tuition centre. After discussions with key workers and the parents / guardians of the child / young person, we will provide an interim contact with education, ensuring that learning and motivation to learn is maintained. 

As many of the young people have experienced considerable stress in their time in school, it is vital that confidence in their ability to engage is rebuilt. With years of experience in working with children with Special Educational Needs and Disability, we have been highly successful in this work and welcome discussions with Local Authority SEN departments and school managers about individuals and the provision required. 

Alternative outreach student sitting at table with art materials