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Fantastic GCSE Maths Mock result

Clare knew she was struggling in maths and sensibly asked her parents for some extra help. Her free initial professional assessment at Aspire  showed that Clare was having problems in some fundamental areas of mathematics and that this was stopping  her progress in the subject. 

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Helping young people in Swindon and Wiltshire to gain a better education

Wiltshire Community Foundation is an independent charity that gives grants and funding to the voluntary sector and charities across Wiltshire and Swindon.   As part of giving money and support where people in Swindon and Wiltshire need it most the foundation helps young people to gain a better education through a number of grant schemes to support course and living costs. 

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Latest key-stage-3-4 testimonials:

Jasleen KS4

Just wanted to say a big thank you for the past 6 years. Not just for boosting me academically but also for the motivation you gave me when I was overstressing. You made me realise that no matter what is on the paper on results day, I should feel very proud of how hard I worked and tried. Thank you so much, Jasleen.

Jackie Snowdon

We were finding that the size and mix of some of the classes in secondary school were making it difficult for Josh to learn to his full potential, that’s why we first came to Aspire. 

When our eldest son, Josh, was studying with David and the Aspire team he gained an A in his GCSE maths, which he definitely wouldn’t have managed without their support and they helped him immensely. 

When Josh left, our youngest, Joel, was also keen to start learning with Aspire. Joel’s initial assessment showed he was behind where he ought to be, which was a surprise to us but he has now caught up. 

Having the one-to-one help but within a classroom environment with other children really helps Joel. He enjoys it more and finds it easier than studying at home. Sue goes through things that have been covered at school that Joel doesn’t fully understand and Joel is a lot more confident now. 

Joshua Snowdon

I really enjoyed my time with Aspire. 

I first started coming when I was predicted a C in my GCSE maths and I wasn’t happy with that. During my assessment with Aspire I was told that I had the potential to get an A. I planned on doing A Levels in law, psychology and history so I needed to get at least a B for these. 

During the lessons, David always took the time to explain things and would he would also plan them so we would look at the things that I was struggling with in school. He always encourage me and I achieved an A in my GCSE. 

I kept in touch with David as my brother is also going to Aspire. David knew that I was applying to study law at university and he helped me with my personal statement. I’m now at the University of Essex studying law. 

Aspire helped me much more than just getting an A in my GCSE Maths, they helped me get where I am today.

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