As we race through November of Year 11, you might be getting bored of the teacher's constant GCSE countdown to May 2018. You're wanting to think Xmas not EXAMS.  But, exams are always there, nudging you to do something more than just sit and hope. 

At Aspire, we are here to help you with becoming exam ready and confident.  So, why use a tutor service to support your learning and revision?  Hopefully, the following might help you to decide whether this service will help you to achieve your best. 

What grades do you actually want and need?  This is really important for us to know.  We aren't going to ask for a full data analysis or KS2 results.  We accept that you are a person, not a machine.  At Aspire, we know that essentially you will need a grade 4 in Maths and English unless you want to be doomed to resit for the next few years.  Not a happy thought.  Extra English or extra Maths eating away at that vital free time you have.  We want you to do the best you can and, like everyone else, we'd love you to attain or exceed your target grade so that your future can begin without the dismal shadow of a GCSE resit. 

In fact, we can more or less guarantee that no college, no employer and no apprenticeship will ask if you have met, exceeded or fallen short of your expected GCSE grade.  You'll simply be asked for a grade 4 or a grade 5.  With this in mind, we will look to cater all your revision to this goal.  We will talk with you and we will focus this GCSE revision programme on the aspects of your learning that are preventing you from getting that grade. 

This is the best thing about GCSE revision tuition.  It's a personal and individual menu, designed just for you.  Attending revision classes in school are great and you should go but they will be generalised to suit a whole year group.  You might attend a revision class only to find that it wasn't what you needed.  You were already an expert on 'Charge of the Light Brigade' now after a hour of a revision class you feel like you've just entered the "valley of death".  

This will not happen at Aspire.  We will listen to you.  Yes, you did read that correctly.  We will listen to YOU!  You will direct us to what you need to become skilled in.  We can analyse your mock papers, your exercise books and your notes to discover your shortfalls and fill those gaps.  Our tutors are highly skilled and superbly adaptive.  You might turn up at Aspire one week with an aspect of your school learning puzzling you beyond belief.  Your Aspire tutor will seek to resolve your confusion immediately, if we can.  You won't be told it isn't on the lesson plan or ignored.  We work and focus on your needs. 

Sounds good? Well let's make this sound a little better and add some data to this.  Not target grade data but the latest class size data.  Average class size in a UK secondary school: 22.  Average class size in a UK private school: 9. Maximum Aspire class size: 4!  This is why we can give you the 5 star, luxury revision experience. We are the top of the class when it comes to GCSE study programmes and revision. 

Finally, when should you start this awesome revision programme?  Simple answer is now or soon.  The later that you leave it, the harder it becomes to close all those shortfalls: though we will always try.  Remember, we are Aspire not Hogwarts and we don't rely on magic.  We do believe that we have a touch of magic about us and all that we do. However,  GCSEs require a firm basis in reality so make sure that you give us enough time to bring out the best in you.  Why not start now?