Primary English tuition

Gaining skills in English is not just an important part of schooling but has a profound impact on the course of a child’s life. At Aspire Tuition we aim to enable all primary aged children to be able to read and write fluently so that they can communicate their ideas and emotions and be able to read the ideas of others.

Learning to read is not just about decoding words but also understanding what has been read. Our teachers are well qualified and resourced to develop a child’s competence in both of these areas. Teaching the phonic skills necessary for reading, particularly to children that struggled to gain these in school, takes a high level of teaching expertise. Many children also have problems understanding the fine meaning in a text, having difficulty with answering inference questions and using evidence from what they have read. High quality discussions with children, varieties of texts available and our experience enable us at Aspire Tuition to help students interpret at deeper levels.

Writing depends on effective transcription: that is, on spelling quickly and accurately, through knowing the relationship between sounds and letters and understanding the structure of words. This presents considerable challenges to some children. A combination of an individually targeted spelling programme, practical resources to suit the child’s learning style and expert teaching methods develops spelling.

Writing composition is another complex area, with students having to form, articulate, organise and communicate ideas. Aspire Tuition offers expert support to develop clarity, awareness of the audience, purpose and context and to build an increasingly wide vocabulary and grammar. Writing also depends on fluent, legible and, eventually, speedy handwriting. We can additionally help children with this area.

There is now a huge focus in school on SPAG – Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar. To teach children control over their writing there is a need for them to be taught to use these elements and to know the ‘language about language’. Primary aged children are bombarded with terms such as ‘adverbial phrases’ ‘passive voice’ and ‘relative clauses’ and are expected to be able to identify and construct these fluently, alongside utilising the full range of punctuation marks. Many parents struggle to help with this, having not been taught formal grammar themselves. Our teachers are able to teach the numerous rules of grammar and help a child use these in their writing.

Primary English tuition at Aspire Tuition Swindon