Primary Maths tuition

Maths follows a sequential learning pattern so if a student does not have the prerequisite early learning or has failed to fully grasp a concept, then they will struggle to cope with new learning. Many students are in this situation through no fault of their own. They may have missed some learning due to absence; part of the curriculum may have been omitted in class due to lost learning time; they may have been accelerated, having given the teacher the impression that they knew what they were doing or, as is the case for many, the student just didn’t have enough time or teaching input to fully master the subject area. Whatever the reason,it is essential that students can plug their gaps in knowledge.

Unfortunately, discovering gaps in the knowledge of students within a secondary maths class is extremely difficult as tests given will rarely assess competence with earlier concepts. Plugging gaps, if and when they are found, means coming away from the main curriculum and giving individual / small group instruction – exceedingly difficult to manage within the secondary maths classroom. Consequently, it is difficult to catch up when you fall behind. If the subject of maths is equated to a brick built wall, then it will be falling down without enough blocks in the lower levels! It certainly won’t grow very high without firm foundations.

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