Secondary English tuition

Key Stage 3 is demanding for students and for many parents. It is becoming more confusing for parents as schools embrace the government policy of life without levels and leave work ungraded. Whilst it is aimed at a move forward to focus on the quality of the work and how to improve it rather than relying on arbitrary end grades, it can be confusing as a parent to know exactly how well your child is actually performing. 

In Year 7 and 8, students are suddenly expected to understand demanding and challenging texts from Shakespeare to Victorian poetry, to write at length on a myriad of topics and to have a secure grasp of grammar and punctuation. Homework demands may well be much greater than at Key stage 2 and parents find it difficult to get involved due to the limits of their own subject knowledge and,frequently, their maturing children no longer welcome their input.

Secondary English  tuition from Aspire Tuition in Swindon

Often we see students where they will have been given aspirational targets based on their Key Stage 2 results but may well be struggling to even get close to these targets. With the need for students to be involved in their own learning, schools regularly inform them of their test scores, with some schools even ranking students across the year group. From feeling secure within their close knit primary school classroom, their confidence plummets, sometimes resulting in more serious self-esteem and mental health issues. 

Moreover Year 9s face a different set of concerns as many schools commence GCSE courses either directly taking on the syllabus over three years or directing every scheme of work towards the final GCSE course. The challenge schools have here is to keep the work stimulating and motivating throughout. Parents often notice their child de-energised with the work in Year 9: bored even, and with the boredom, a decline in performance.

Secondary English  tuition from Aspire Tuition in Swindon