Secondary Maths tuition

Shyness; fear of peers and their reaction to someone daring to say they don’t understand; fear of appearing ‘stupid’ and even not knowing how to ask for help are among the reasons why a student may not ask for help when in KS3 and KS4. 

This is a common issue among students coming to Aspire Tuition. They know they are struggling with their school maths work and actually want help but cannot access extra support. Not only will they struggle to manage any new maths but self-esteem is likely to be low, leaving them feel dreadful about their learning capability generally.

Students often come to Aspire Tuition who clearly are not comfortable working at the level their school assessment had put them at. They are struggling in class and feel under pressure to meet a seemingly unattainable level. Frequently parents bring their child to us confused as they know their child has issues with areas of learning that the school hasn’t identified.

Secondary maths tuition being given by Aspire Tuition in Swindon

Whether or not the student is working at the right level, without firm foundations in place, secondary maths is challenging. With concepts such as algebraic factorisation and simplification, ratios, geometry and percentage increases, students can struggle in class to take on board this new learning. Some parents try to help but this is fraught with issues. Teens often don’t want their parents to help them; possibly they don’t want to expose their weaknesses. Frequently parents lack the knowledge of current methods and struggle with mathematical vocabulary. Many are working longer hours as their children are now older.

Secondary maths tuition being given by Aspire Tuition in Swindon