Why choose Aspire?

Fully qualified, experienced and specialist teachers 

We only use fully qualified teachers, all with many years of experience and some with high levels of specialisms such as in working with children with dyslexia. They also are very aware of the demands of the current curriculum in schools and the methods used. However with the ‘class’ size at Aspire Tuition being, on average 4 students (frequently less), the student receives considerably more individual teacher time than they would in school to give input at the level required by each student. With initial and ongoing professional assessment, all programmes are individual to each student, allowing them to work at their own pace, with overlearning or modification as required or with extension and acceleration to other concepts.  

Using qualified teachers, unlike some tuition companies, means that the considerable knowledge we have built up through training and experience, can be used to see why a child is not able to progress or grasp a concept– it may be, for example, that we discover that the student does not have a firm understanding of an earlier concept thus impacting on their capacity to take on the current learning. Not only have we spotted this issue but we have the ability to take the child back to where additional learning and teaching is needed or to use a different technique.

Qualified experienced teacher Andrea Parkinson of Aspire Tuition Swindon

We will work with the students developing a programme that they have ownership of. This is particularly vital with our older students.  

However, what also makes us stand apart from the school classroom is our endeavour to bring fun, engagement and humour into the work that we do as we know that an enthusiastic tutee will be an achieving one. We have the luxury to be able to do this as we work to a small class ratio. Here we can learn the current needs of the individual child and base our programmes of study round these needs and not round data or old performances.

Specialist assessment

To find gaps in student knowledge and to identify the best way of working we carry out thorough assessments of students using objective, standardised tests. This also allows parents to see what level their child is working at and what a potential result, for example, at GCSE, would likely be.

We are also, at Aspire Tuition, able to assess for difficulties that could explain issues with learning. Many schools are unable to assess for Dyslexia and other specific learning difficulties as this requires additional post-graduate qualifications that most teachers do not have. As a dedicated, professional organisation with specialist and highly qualified teachers, we are able to offer such services.

Well-resourced dedicated tuition centre

From being a long established business in a professional centre, we areextremelywell resourced to enable children’s learning to be suitably supported at all times. Children require models, visual representations and multi-sensory experiences to grasp concepts. A tutor coming to someone’s home is unlikely to be able to pull out a range of practicalresources out of their bag to suit all situations that may arise. It is all to hand at Aspire – from practical concrete maths materials, full reading schemes, resources to suit those with visual difficulties and through the use of technology, the learning needs are well catered for.

As tuition is taking place in a dedicated centre, students recognise this as a place to work. Intentionally not looking like a school classroom, the work space is set to encourage concentrated study, unlike, which is often the case with home tuition, within a dining room with home distractions going on around, perhaps with the TV on in the next room or other family members causing some interruption. 

Aspire's dedicated tuition centre in Swindon

Vitally, tuition within a professional centre means that your child is safe. As we are Ofsted registered, we are regularly inspected to ensure we adhere to policies of health and safety, first aid, child protection etc. A lone tutor, working in a home situation may not have essential DBS checks and insurances in place as we do. Many students feel uncomfortable and may not learn on a 1-1 basis.

Flexible programmes

Here at Aspire, we are committed to providing our students with a bespoke experience. Our individual programmes of study will support your child and tell them precisely how well they are performing and what they need to do to improve. Crucially however, we are always flexible with planning. Although many students come to us with a need or want to work on one particular subject, they are able to work on other areas, as required. This may be helping with some school homework for example, when time has run out at home, vital last minute revision or there may be a need for a mixed approach to tuition with some attention given to both Maths and English within one tuition session.

Whereas some tutors with other tuition companies rely on set, standardised programmes, this is not the case at Aspire Tuition – delivered by teachers with access to a huge range of resources, the programme can easily be tailored to accommodate the student’s priorities or to adapt to a specific need. This allows effective learning to take place, there and then.

Flexible programs at Aspire Tuition Swindon

Building confidence

Key to Aspire’s success in enabling students to progress and realise their full potential is through the building of confidence. Self-confidence comes from a sense of competence.At Aspire Tuition we ensure that students have achievements each session, whether great or small. Individual input from a teacher they respect, with correctly targeted work, appropriate resources and skilled teaching along with encouraging words, helps develop confidence. Praise for efforts as well as for achievements is given as well as reassurance that it's OK not to be able to do everything perfectly and that some things take repeated effort and practice. This builds resilience, vital to ongoing success.

We understand how detrimental apathy and disinterest can be and we plan our sessions carefully to get the maximum engagement from your child. We discover their interests and incorporate these interests into even the most rigid programmes i.e. when coming up to GCSE exams. We know that the active and animated child will learn faster, will remember more and will develop independent learning skills that will serve them well in life.

Optimum teaching ratios

Usually students attending Aspire Tuition will be tutored within a small group. They will have their own individual programme but will be learning alongside other students. Having tutored hundreds of students in this way weare confident that most will benefit greatly from this approach. With many students feeling intimated or uncomfortable on a 1-1 basis with a teacher, students feel more relaxed with others around and often make lasting friendships. Theyrecognise that other students have similar needs to them and subsequently feel better about their own learning. With a high teacher: pupil ratio, there is sufficient time for individual input whenever required through the session and time for the student to work independently. They may make mistakes but it is through this process of input, study, remediation and accomplishment that our students learn effectively.

In the case that a student has a Special Educational Need at a level that they cannot learn effectively within the normal sized group within Aspire, arrangements will be made for sessions within a smaller group, possibly with one of the specialist SEN tutors.

Optimum teaching ratios at Aspire Tuition Swindon

Specialists in GCSE preparation

Here at Aspire, we will aim to help your child however close they are to the exam. Nevertheless, we would stress that the more time that you give us, the better the impact will be. We can offer pre GCSE master classes and intensive revision sessions but give us the time with your child and then we can make a massive impact: filling the gaps in their knowledge and improving their confidence and esteem.

Our tutors are specialists. They have years of experience both in the classroom and as GCSE examiners. They are experts, for example, in English on the set texts and, in addition, have a love of their subjects which helps when they are engaging with your child. Texts or mathematical concepts that your child may have found almost impossible to understand in a large classroom are made accessible and entertaining with the ratio of tutor to student. Furthermore, we work extensively on accessible methods, 'quick win' techniques and revision and exam strategies to improve GCSE performance. With all subjects, we will look closely at the shortfalls in your child's knowledge and work on strengthening these areas. We aim to give your child the confidence to approach the exam with secure knowledge and the skills to perform well.

At Aspire we pride ourselves on focusing on developing your child's learning abilities and not just on target grades. Essentially, we know that most of our GCSE students come to us because they want a grade that will help them in the future and we aim to help them in that endeavour. Overall, we have found this approach to be the most successful in helping students meet or exceed their grades. Our current students have met and are meeting with success because they have self-assurance, self-reliance and faith in their own abilities.