Frequently Asked Questions

What do you charge?

Each 80 minute session costs £30, which works out at £22.50 per hour. 

We ask for payment at the start of each month. A refundable deposit of £50 is required on enrolment of each child, which will be refunded when the student finishes (with deductions for any outstanding fees or borrowed resources that are not returned). We ask for one month’s notice of a student leaving.

What times are the sessions?

Our session times are as follows:

Monday 3.50 – 5.10pm 5.30 – 6.50pm
Tuesday 3.50 – 5.10pm5.30 – 6.50pm 7.10 – 8.30pm
Wednesday3.50 – 5.10pm 5.30 – 6.50pm 7.10 – 8.30pm
Thursday 3.50 – 5.10pm 5.30 – 6.50pm 7.10 – 8.30pm
Saturday 9.30 – 10.50am 11.10am – 12.30pm

Sessions must be booked in advance.

Sessions run in line with Swindon Borough Council school term dates. Additional tuition is available during the Easter and summer holidays, for which separate fees are payable. We do not normally run any sessions during the shorter school holidays or the Christmas break.

Do you offer a discount?

A discount is available if more than one child attends from a family or if a student attends more than one session a week. Please ask for more information.

Do you accept Child Care Vouchers?

Yes. We are registered on the Ofsted Voluntary Child Care Register. Please ask for details.

Will my child receive homework?

Homework is set each week. Although it is set to reinforce learning covered in the session, it is not compulsory. A homework bag or folder is provided for students to take work to and from the centre.

What does my child need to bring to a session?

All we need are students ready and willing to learn and wanting to succeed. We will provide everything else students will need in a session although they can bring their own resources if they wish to do so. 

 If any student is likely to require a drink during the 80 minutes they are with us, we ask that they bring it with them in a suitable sealable container.

Will I receive a report?

Each week the tutor will report to you how your child has worked and discuss how they are progressing. We do not provide written reports of pupil progress as these only record a snapshot that quickly becomes out of date.

What if my child misses a session?

If your child misses a session, a catch up session will be offered, provided we were given prior notice of the absence. 

All ‘catch-up’ offers must be taken up within two weeks of the session for which a student was absent.