Personalised 1-1 remote tuition

With a far from settled situation and the official Government guidance that private tuition ‘should remain online where services can be provided in this way’, we are extending our personalised 1-1 remote tuition into the foreseeable future for the safety and consistency for our students and families.

Working on a 1-1 ratio means that we only have a limited number of exclusive slots with now just a few remaining spaces available for September. If you would like to book a space, please contact us to arrange a trial slot during July or August and to secure your session time for the new term.

We (Andrea and David) have taken our years of expertise in teaching and provision of quality, professional tuition and successfully have produced a format that is proving highly successful and desirable.

Thank you so much for pinpointing exactly where A.’s problems are and reassuring us that you will be able to work with him to get him back on track. It was such a relief – and he even admitted that he enjoyed the session with you – which for an intensive maths session, is a miracle!’ (Quote from a parent – June 2020)

We are safely able to:

‘E. had a big smile on her face after she finished her session with you which only confirms to my wife and I that we have made the right decision in engaging with you. ‘(Quote from a parent June 2020)