Tuition is all about allowing a child to reach their academic potential. 

We believe that:

  • A positive rapport between tutor and student is essential.
  • Using qualified teachers with significant tuition experience is the gold standard approach. Knowing the curriculum, effective learning approaches and potential learning difficulties, coupled with genuine, encouraging natures provides the unique combination that we have achieved at Aspire Tuition.
  • Tuition cannot be effective if all involved are not committed. We expect Aspire Tuition students to attend their weekly session and to engage fully. 1-1 tuition is the best method to ensure full concentration.
  • Students need to be able to communicate their needs in a confidential situation. Without embarrassment, a student is free to admit that they do not understand something: the start to putting it right.
  • Students must develop a positive self-image of themselves as a successful learner. Carefully given praise on an individual basis and achievement of personal targets aids this.
  • Tuition must engage individuals. We discover student interests and incorporate these on a 1-1 ratio into even the most rigid programmes. We know that an active and engaged student will learn faster, remember more and develop independent learning skills that will serve them well in life.
  • Students need to be able to think for themselves. They need to accept some failure. We don’t give all the answers. We believe in developing resilience.
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Latest testimonials:

Jasleen KS4

Just wanted to say a big thank you for the past 6 years. Not just for boosting me academically but also for the motivation you gave me when I was overstressing. You made me realise that no matter what is on the paper on results day, I should feel very proud of how hard I worked and tried. Thank you so much, Jasleen.

Ethan SpLD

We were so pleased to find Andrea, through a friend’s recommendation. We were despairing about what to do with our son. The school said that there was nothing wrong with him but we knew that he was finding the work really difficult. Each day he would come out of school and have melt downs at home. He always took out his frustrations from school on us and his younger sister. Although we booked Ethan in for help with his reading and spelling, we received so much more. Andrea very soon recognised that he likely had dyslexia, which was a huge relief to us as we had suspected this for years. She talked to us about different methods to help him with his school spellings etc so that we no longer had the weekly battle and then upset, related to the class test. Andrea enabled us all to recognise the strengths of Ethan, rather than just focussing on his difficulties. She also carried out some assessments that showed that his memory was very poor. We were able to show her report to the school and they did begin to support him with the recommendations Andrea gave. 

We highly recommend Aspire Tuition due to the professional service but particularly because Andrea always went the extra mile for our son.

Oliver KS2

After a few weeks of you being shut at the start of lockdown, Ollie started to ask if he would ever come to Aspire again. He was so pleased to see you over Zoom. Although he hates writing at school, he is more than happy to work for you and it is great to hear him laughing and coming out with ideas when working online with you. Thank you for being one of the few people to get the best out of him.

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